Structure & Configuration of Each School

school modelClick here for more photos.

“Child of the Universe” eco-­School System provides a real point of difference with our design philosophy, excellent cross ventilation, high raked ceilings, and great use of indoor and outdoor space, innovative architectural designs and fast builds time. Each school will be powered by a Solar Energy System, equipped with a “rain­‐water collection system” and green spaces.

The design is embedded in the local cultural context, it aims at providing local employment and know-­‐how while striving to minimize need for transportation and import. The work is simple and uses common supplies, ordinary people will find a way to work on this project by themselves without external input.

A significant amount of time and thought has gone into our approach to building the eco-­Schools. We’ve done the ‘green thinking’ and we will be using local and global design & construction partners that can deliver a complete eco-­solution as an integrated package. Our approach involves not only tackling sustainability issues; it encourages building the community as well. For this reason all eco-­Schools will be designed with the idea of promoting neighborhood interaction and community socio-­economic empowerment.

Work to be implemented:

  • Rebuild the building structures
  • Re-design classrooms
  • Build and equip a computer-learning center
  • Provide  learning materials
  • Install of Internet Access via VSAT
  • Create a cantina area with restaurant service
  • Create library
  • Create teachers’ center
  • Create of school gym
  • Design environmental landscape
  • Create Play areas including a sports center
  • Create a Music Academy
  • Set-up security systems
  • Create dormitory building
  • Acquire 2 Mini-Buses for most remote-living pupils