The Pilot Project: Ghana – Time, Cost, Quality

Official & Legal Stakeholder involved in the “Child of the Universe Project”

The Local Government of the Klikor-Agbozumé District of the Volta Region in Ghana, as well as the Department of Education of Ghana and the Traditional Chiefs Community of Agbozoumé, are in full support of this initiative. We are currently in the process of officially engaging the departments of Energy and Land Management to fully participate in the project.

The Local community in partnership with Prince Randy, Founder of the Initiative, has already secured a 2,000 square meters land to use as construction ground for the new “Child of the Universe” eco-­School Pilot.

The majority of the pupils in this school are from very low-­income families who cannot afford much. The Government is overwhelmed with all the demands and cannot cope, alone, with the spending required to implement a full ICT Programmes in all the Schools. Therefore, we have proposed to help, and in the process, to use the school as a demonstration platform for the bigger project.

The Child of the Universe Association will be raising funds through diversified channels and create Fundraising Events for this Cause. There are several sources of funding being considered for the Pilot Project and for the Large-­Scale Deployment, which will require a considerable amount of funding to transform, rebuild or improve all the schools. But this will be done step by step, starting with the Demo School then a few schools at the time, then a few hundred schools, few thousands until we obtain the right delivery frequency.

Specifications of the School:

  • School name: Foundation Baptist School
  • Location: Sukladzi, Agbozume District, Volta Region, Ghana
  • Number of Pupils: 335
  • Number of Teachers: 14
  • Number of Classrooms: 10
  • Grade: 1 to 10

• Total construction cost = $155,000
• Total Tools & Equipment Costs = $65,000
GRAND TOTAL BUILDING + EQUIPMENT = $220,000 USD (about 180,000 Euros)

To see the school model design plans, please click here.