About Us

 2015 is a critical year in charting the development future of Africa – the continent that still has the greatest development needs, and the continent that presents the greatest opportunity – for itself and for the world.


The “Child of the Universe” Project is not about Charity, it is about Sustainable Development, Impact-Investing in Education and related Infrastructure & Technology development as a sound and strategic long term investment decision, on a Continent that in the near future will Power 70% of the World with its Energy Supply, offer 50% of its Workforce and represent the World’s 3rd largest consumer market after China and India within less than 20 years. The Formula of this Project is changing the Game. “The Child of the Universe Project” is about a Socio-Economic Empowerment, Impact-Investment, and Growth & Development Strategy, a leap of Faith based on a rationale that can be demonstrated and will result in the positive transformation of not only Africa but for the entire Planet.

Prince Randy K.A.S.

The Child of the Universe Project is the largest Philanthropic Initiative ever undertaken on the African Continent in the Education Infrastructure Sector.

There are nearly 600,000 registered Public Primary & Secondary Schools across the 54 African Countries.

Over 80% of these Schools lack basic infrastructure, access to energy, access to proper water and proper educational tools.

The Child of the Universe Project aims to radically transform the infrastructure of at least 50% of those schools by 2025 and increase School enrolment rate by 75%.

Project components include Improved School Infrastructure, ICT Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Health Centres, Ecosystem Integration, Regional and Transcontinental Network Connectivity, Educators and Students Training and Capacity Building, pre and in-service Educator Training, Curriculum Support and Development, Content Development and Management, Girls & Women Empowerment, and Socio-Economic Development.